Kiosque Peynet
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    In 1942, passing out by Valence in Drome, Raymond Peynet, draws for the first time, close to the bandstand of Valence, designed by the Architect Poitoux in 1890 for the price of 18 000 francs, his two lovers.
Raymond Peynet went to Valence in order to give a confidential document to a correspondent. Waiting him and to busy his time, having every time a drawings block, Raymond Peynet starts to draw the bandstand of Valence, its musicians, one with long hair and especially a little girl listing to the concert.

Raymond Peynet tells “sitting on a bench, I drew the bandstand of Valence just in front of me, with a little violinist playing alone on the step and a little girl listing to him. We also saw all the musicians, having their furniture inside their bag, leaving the bandstand of Valence by the park”.

In the legend the little musician said: “You can leave peaceful I will finish alone”. Raymond Peynet will title the drawing he made in front of the bandstand of Valence “The symphony unfinished”

Max Favalelli, chief redactor of the revue Ric and Rac, charmed by the couple drew in front of the bandstand of Valence, will name it “Lovers of Peynet”

The couple of the lovers of Peynet know a straight success and does part of the popular pictures patrimony. The popularity of the lovers of Peynet will be as quick as long. Raymond works on an intense rhythm for many newspapers. The characters of the lovers of Peynet will give to Peynet a worldwide celebrity.

The impact of the lovers of Peynet will be such that the bandstand of Valence will be frequently link up to Peynet’s works, at the point to be used regularly in his works.

One day the town hall of Valence wanted to destruct the bandstand for a common building operation, but a deputy having read somewhere the story of the bandstand of Valence was strongly opposed to the destruction.

Since, the bandstand of the lovers of Peynet, it’s its name, has become historic monument.